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On the straight and narrow path, there are simply no corners to be cut (Neal A. Maxwell) — Life delivers to us stories to tell, and it is Narrow Path Productions Intl. mission through film, theater, video production and social media to make, create and distribute films that will not only afford untapped talent in Hollywood a medium to shine and showcase their artistry, but also produce product that inspires, uplifts and delivers the message,  .From pre-production planning all the way through to release, we will translate your thoughts and visions into a concrete expression that can be shared with the world.


About the Founder

D.R. Bellard is a filmmaker, actor, writer and editor from Houston Tx.


He started this journey 4 years ago when he left his hometown of Humble, Tx a suburb of Houston Tx. He's a man of many life experiences prior to coming to California to be apart of the film and television industry. He was in the Air Force for 10 yrs prior as a supply logistics manager, worked for NASA and Boeing as an International space station property manager, 4 years contracting overseas in the Middle East as a logistics manager and 2 years fracking in the oil fields of West Texas and was also briefly an entrepreneur of several businesses. He brings a wealth of life experiences to his script writing, films and acting roles.  

He's acted in numerous theater plays, independent films, music videos, commercials. He's also written, directed and produced numerous short films with his latest "Shot by an Angel" being screened for world premiere at Warner Bros Studios on Sept 20th 2019.

He's extremely passionate about both crafts in front of and behind the camera and has a burning desire to create dope content that connects with audiences on a realistic level and look at the human condition through a real and gritty viewpoint using faith based themes and undertones. 

He's always tried to walk his own path in life no matter what the masses were doing and Narrow Path Productions Intl is a manifestation of that walk led by the Most High. 


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Narrow Path Production Intl mission is to create timeless films, videos, commercials and art that will inspire and motivate generations to walk their own path while creating a platform that will bless others and glorify God.

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Recent Work ~ SHOT BY AN ANGEL

After being shot and paralyzed during a botched robbery attempt, a small prominent pastor struggles with regaining his faith in God and believing the forgiveness he preaches every Sunday.

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